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evil_allah_sulu's Journal

Demon of Sobriety
I am the demonic antithesis and nemesis of the Vodka God, allah_sulu. I bring sobriety or hangovers to mortal men -- and to the truly accursed, I bring both.
18th amendment, abstinence, accidents, addiction, alcohol abuse, alcoholics, amuse your sober friends, anti smoking, anti-smoking, avarice, back-stabbing, barfing, being evil, big-assed surly robots, blowing chunks, born-again virgin, burning books, chaos, clue, cranium, cthulhu, cunnilingus, d.a.r.e., dave clark five, dead sea scrolls, disco, don't do it drunk, don't drive drunk, doom, doonesbury, doppelganger, drug free, drug free lifestyle, drug laws, drug offenses, drugfree, drugs, dry county, duct tape, duh!, dui, evil ninjas, evil twin, extreme violence, fnord, france, fruit juice, fwoosh!, go ask alice, guns, hacking up hairballs, half the battle, hangovers, hardcore, hentai, highlander 2, highway safety, hp lovecraft, huh?, illuminati, insanity, intelligence, james marsters, jehovah's witnesses, kicking hippies, laziness, leather, lesbians, life without parole, lovecraft, lust, madd, mandatory sentences, mayhem, mister bean, monkeys, morons, no-alcohol, non smoking, pacifism, parody, passing out, picking on lots42, pissing, poison free, prohibition, projectile vomit, puking, puking in your hair, pulling tags from mattresses, red, redrum, role playing, running red lights, sadd, sarcasm, satire, sex, sharp pointy things, shooting telephone poles, shoplifting, showgirls, sober, sobriety, soy, spanish inquisition, stabbing, stop copying my interests, straight edge, straight-edge, straightedge, stumbling, sub-orbital-lunch-platforms, supervillains, suspended licenses, sxe, talking outloud in theatres, tattoos, technicolor yawn, teetotal, teetotalism, the porcelain god, the young ones, theft, things, throwing up, tofu, toilet worship, torture, toy guns, transylvania, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetarianism, violence, vomiting, war on drugs, water, wolfram and hart, world domination, your mom